We have hands on experience of building products across, Health Care and Telecom industries. We have done this from a green-field program approach where we have leveraged our Managed Services offering.

Cell Tower Site Survey System (CTSS)

Focused to address the needs of the telecom providers during the Cell Tower site survey. The CTSS provides a mobile application for the site engineer, based on the Geographical location; the application provides the existing nearby towers information along with signal strength on the map.

CMS for Pharmacy Stores

A product that is developed to support independent pharmacy stores for managing patients registration, communication, product management, and practice coordination and support.

Content Management System for BPW, Michigan

Info Services developed and managed the ‘Business and Professional Women’ online community application that includes member login, social media and call to action. This application is used for managing the static and dynamic content displayed on the site including payment gateways and methods integration.

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