Megansoft collaborated with Info Services to accelerate AWS IoT platform adoption and migration for Vertical Farming and Rapid Production scaling.

Megansoft built an IoT platform for managing Vertical Farming on a 3 Tier VM Ware Architecture. As the client needs grew, they started experiencing reliability issues, with increasing application downtime. The client needed more scalability, especially as the company planned to scale its services to include Machine Learning and AI based decision system. The client needed to modernize their platform to achieve their innovation, scalability, reliability and expansion goals.

Application Space
Megansoft was leveraging a 3 Tier platform to deliver Autonomous IOT Software and Embedded Software using VM Ware architecture supporting a Vertical Farming for Cotton and Corn Picking Production operations. Business need was to develop a scalable system that can support future growth, enable AI based decision-making and rapid production leveraging Machine Learning and Autonomous technology. 

Info Services Partnership Outcomes
Info Services partnered with Megansoft, leveraged AWS services for creating and maintaining an AMI (Amazon Machine Images) library and established a 3 Tier AWS Enterprise Architecture and AWS security services.This helped the end customer by creating anplatform for a scalable solution development, help build future IoT systems and built an ecosystem that supports rapid proto-typing and to scale production and operations.

Technical Outcomes Delivered by Info Services
Admin Console Create to support Front-end application access management across user groups through a Web application design and development services including Mobile App development. We developed an Application Management Console to configure and control applications running on the AWS platform.

Created an Universal SandBoxwith an ability to configure dynamically and flexibility to meet scalable resource needs.Developed an application with different I/O and user architecture to support a long term development plan.

New AWS ecosystem components
We deployed the new solution architecture using ElastiCache, RDS and DynamoDB, Athena, QuickSight Kinesis, Redshift and Rekognition. All the previous external storage was being moved to S3 buckets using Lambda video Convert.

AWS Security: CloudWatch, IAM, KMS, ACM, WAF and Inspector