• Cloud Migrations
  • Architecture & Infra Design
  • Implementation & Support
  • Customer Benefits

AWS Cloud Migrations

Info Services’ AWS Consultants will assess a client’s infrastructure, create a baseline view of the current infrastructure stack. We will use this assessment and provide our customers with a design and strategy to implement AWS cloud migration.

Our AWS migration services enable our customers to create tailored solutions that translate on-premise applications and datastores, to various cloud-based infrastructures. Our delivery approach provides the client with immediate results in the form of enhanced scalability, extended operational performance, and expanded security, resulting in better overall commercial enterprise flexibility.

Info Services/AWS cloud migration activities:

  • Spin up environments with best practices around VPC’s
  • Create private subnets in different availability zones
  • Setup framework for VPN connectivity
  • Enable and set up SSH Bastion boxes (if needed)
  • Establish IAM policies for per VPC segmentation
  • Setup firewalls
  • Institute a framework for Flow Log logging in each VPC
  • Setup load-balancer framework for sites, internal and external facing

Architecture & Infrastructure Design

Our AWS Infrastructure Design & Solution engineers use proven design patterns to ensure we are creating an infrastructure that can easily be maintained, is scalable and secure to meet the demands of your organization. We will design your infrastructure to be codified & automated, making it less error prone, more reliable and stable.

AWS Cloud Infrastructure Design & Strategy Services

  • Containerizing applications
  • Designing, building, and maintaining secure, highly-available Kubernetes clusters
  • Configuration Management
  • Shared Services Components
  • CI/CD
  • Monitoring, Logging & Telemetry

Implementation & Support

Info Services has the experience and ability to educate, support, and help administer Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their clients. Our AWS solution experts help clients and their IT teams learn to utilize AWS solutions stack and services that can be tailored to specific client needs ranging from consulting and assessments, Integration, infrastructure design, implementation and AWS managed services.

Implementation and Support Service offerings:

  • Setting up frameworks for spinning up a production grade infrastructure on AWS
  • Setting it up to be highly available and built with all of the components necessary to operate and monitor at scale, no matter how big or small your organization is.
  • We can provide 24/7 Managed Support for your infrastructure
    • Proactive Support
    • Reactive Support

Benefits of Info Services/AWS Services

Our Consultants architect your infrastructure for high-availability and improved overall performance, offering intrinsic flexibility throughout any enterprise life-cycle on AWS which lets you scale globally, on-demand.

Multi-platform Operations
Our services can enable you to build your infrastructure using a hybrid approach of seamless connectivity between your internal data centers and your AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for sending data upstream, downstream or both.

Uninterrupted Operations
Uptime is of the utmost importance, so we make sure to build out your infrastructure to be self-healing. We try to foresee problems before they happen by implementing proper monitoring, introspection and telemetry for a total holistic view of your AWS infrastructure.

Security First
Our consultants are experienced in building new infrastructure with security in mind from the beginning, following the principle of least privilege. We ensure your systems are secure from external and internal threats.

Info Services AWS Projects