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Automated Time Sheets

Record Project, non-Project and absent time using flexible electronic Timesheet module.
Submit time sheets by week, fortnight, month or other period.
Calculate costs, fees and inter-departmental charges for employees, roles, departments
And more…

Attendance sheet

Link Attendance Forms with Timesheets to record start and end times for working days.
Determine non-social or overtime hours.
Ensure break time reporting to meet statutory regulations.

Employee Billing

Invoices based on time and materials accumulated from timesheets and expense forms.
‘Fixed price’ invoices based on dates or Project/Task milestones.
Period invoices based on Annual, Monthly, Accounting or Timesheet Periods.
And more…

Employee Expenses

Configure expense forms to meet business rules of your organization.
Manage travel requests, advances, expense forms, and credit card statements.
Devise your own rules for authorization and review.

Resource Maintenance

Match employees with
the right skills to Projects and Tasks.
Search available employees on various criterion
Auto allocation Employees to Projects using rules. And more..