Advantages of Using InfoServices’s Big Data Services

We partner with businesses to help them make an analytics driven culture. We journey with clients from any point in their big data journey, making available global talent, big data expertise, drive data driven transformation and build Big Data Ecosystems. Our Big Data Service offerings include :

Customized Tailor-made Solutions

We excel at driving specific insights about your business in the way that you want them. Our big data consulting services offer a result-oriented approach to integrating and processing data making no insight is out of bounds. Our culture to nurture tailor-made products instead of off-the-shelf products help CXOs have a bird’s eye view of their verticals through specific and niche insights.

Elimination of Data Silos

It is the usual norm in organizations that one section can be seen working on the data sets and driving the insights while the rest of the stakeholders have no idea. For example, the Marketing Chief may be well-versed about the customer interaction points and the conversion dynamics at every step of the funnel, while the marketing executives might have no idea about the bigger picture. InfoServices empowers every stakeholder to receive the benefits of the specific data-related tasks that we handle and the insights that we help you unearth as a result.

Easy and Quick Deployment

However complicated your requirement may be, we make sure that you stay miles away from the dirt. Every solution is designed in a way that it is easy for you to grasp and navigate through. At the same time, the deployment process is made quicker so that your time to market is drastically improved and better ROIs can be reached with quicker access to all your data.

Integrated Solutions

Solutions can be developed in accordance with the present technological ecosystem at your enterprise, thus maximizing the returns and synchronizing the data points to be used throughout the operational cycle. Data interfaces with external endpoints can be established, like visualization and Business Intelligence tools, as well as ETL tools, external databases, and file storage systems.

Customer-centric Solutions

Our core belief of Customer-centric approach applies to your solutions as well. This makes the enterprise more connected by bringing processes under the same purview. Data-points are unified and better solutions can be driven to foster real-time responses. Placing the customer at the core helps your enterprise to gain a competitive advantage with a round-the-clock response system to business intelligence.

Data Governance

Storing the data and driving insights from it might look like a complete picture, but it is far from it. Maintaining the quality of the collected data is of paramount importance, both in the pre-processing and post-processing phases. For this purpose, InfoServices helps you set up fool-proof rules and policies regarding proactive governance and high-quality verification methods. This helps to maintain the sanctity of the data at all times and establishes a reliable ecosystem for you to keep experimenting the driving valuable insights.

Optimization of Costs

Since Big Data solutions help you to identify more efficient ways of doing business, costs can be reduced and the ROI on your investments can be maximized. This is further optimized with faster decision-making cycles since insights can be derived in real-time, thus increasing the value of operations for every involved stakeholder.