Our Solutions

Industry cloud solutions on SFDC and Vlocity
Managed Solutions and Enterprise App Dev
Vlocity.com Solutions Partner

Our People

90% of our associates have > 5 years tenure
Strong 20 – 30% growth annually

Our Approach

Driving Customer Impact and Delivering Business Outcomes
Our Delivery Framework is a referenceable Journey Map

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Info Services is a software solutions company delivering enterprise software, modern cloud development and digital transformation service capabilities for businesses across multiple industry verticals.

Our expertise lies in leveraging a lean delivery model coupled with agility that enables us to become a valued business partner with our clients. A relentless quest for developing innovative, industry specialized, cost-effective solutions has been the driving factor of our growth and customer success

Our Vision

Become a valued partner in our clients’ Digital, SaaS, Enterprise and Modern Cloud transformation journey.

Provide best in class delivery framework and build a purpose-fit Software Solutions capability to drive our clients’ business successwhile deliveringthe desired industry specific customer outcomes.

Our Differentiators


90% Employee Retention; 75% hires from internal referrals; 90% of our associates with 5+ years of tenure

This foundation gives us the ability to grow people and talent, deliver stability, build modern capabilities and drive sustained customer success across long periods.

Solution Framework

Our Delivery Framework is a referenceable Journey Map

Lays out the components required to build and run a  digital transformation initiative – right from assessing the scope of effort, to purpose fit assessment, to capability development, to risk management, to setting up a Centre of Excellence, to structuring DevOps strategy, to performance monitoring and continuous improvement.


Relentless focus on Customer Value, Client Service and Integrity.

Our singular focus and mission is to redefine app development and solution consulting for modern digital transformation and cloud deployments to a ‘capability’ driven ‘customer’ impact approach.

We are deliberately structured to steer modern IT engagements, away from a staffing centered approach, towards a Business Outcomes conversation.