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There is a strong movement towards adopting open source tools, methodologies, frameworks and programming stacks. Even established software companies are building products on open source frameworks. There has never been a greater focus on community based and collaborative development. Our training gives a head start to aspiring programmers and developers in one or more of the following tracks :

    Java SE : Java Basics,JVM Architecture,Object Oriented Design,IDE, SDK Overview, Collections Framework, SCJP Overview
    Java EE : Application Servers (Tomcat), Web Components (Servlets,JSPs),JMS,XML Stacks, Web Services (REST), JSON & Json Schema, Certifications Overview
    Frameworks : Spring,Struts,Spring MVC, Logging
    Database Technologies : Overview of RDBMS, ORM Frameworks,JPA,Hibernate, Spring Integration
    Build Tools & Version Control : GIT, Maven
    Unit Testing : JUnit, TestNG, Mockito, Code Quality & Test coverage Plugins
    Advanced: Design Patterns, Good Programming Practices, Garbage Collection & Tuning, Caching

To help students complete the application, the project will be divided into many small portions, and the instructor will assist students in working through each portion of the design, step-by-step. Our typical training program is 10 week with 3 hr classroom / distant lectures on weekends (Saturday & Sunday) followed by programming assignments and recommended offline reading

In addition to the training, we provide material to prepare you for the interviews, assist you in building your resume & final placements. If you are interested in our training program, please call us at 734.377.6007 or email us at Include a word copy of your resume.