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Info Service’s dedicated Microsoft practice develops high-performance solutions in current and emerging Microsoft technologies like .NET tools. Our typical .NET training covers :

C# Basics

    Introducing C# and the .NET Framework
    Using C# Programming Constructs
    Declaring and Calling Methods
    Handling Exceptions
    Creating New Types – Enums(Enumerations) left
    Encapsulating Data and Methods – static, readonly, constant along with properties
    Inheriting From Classes and Implementing Interfaces
    Managing the Lifetime of Objects and Controlling Resources
    Encapsulating Data and Defining Overloaded Operators
    Reading and Writing Files

C# Advanced

    Decoupling Methods and Handling Events
    Using Collections and Building Generic Types
    Building and Enumerating Custom Collection Classes
    Introduction to LINQ
    Language Enhancements for LINQ
    LINQ to Objects
    LINQ to XML
    LINQ to Entities

SQL Basics

    Writing Queries Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Transact-SQL
    Getting Started with Databases and Transact-SQL in SQL Server 2008
    Querying and Filtering Data
    Grouping and Summarizing Data
    Joining Data from Multiple Tables
    Working with Subqueries
    Modifying Data in Tables
    Using Programming Objects for Data Retrieval

ASP.NET Basics

    ASP.NET Page Life Cycle
    Working with Controls
    Data Binding
    Validating User Input
    Themes and Master Pages
    Site Navigation
    Displaying Data with the GridViewControl
    Managing State

ASP.NET Advanced

    Managing Users with ASP.NET’s Membership Features
    Server Debugging
    ASP.NET Tracing
    Creating New Controls
    Improving Performance with Output Caching
    Using Data List and Repeater Controls
    Using the List View and Database Controls
    ASP.NET Profile Features
    AJAX Fundamental
    Server-Side AJAX: Update Panel and Related Controls
    Creating Rich AJAX Applications
    ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit


    Service-Oriented Architecture
    WCF Introduction
    Developing Windows Communication Foundation Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
    Getting Started with Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Development
    Hosting Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Services
    Defining and Implementing Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Contracts, Endpoints and Behaviors
    Testing and Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Services Security
    Advanced Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation Topics


    Introduction to ASP.NET MVC
    Working with Controllers and Actions
    Creating MVC Models
    Using MVC Views
    HTML Helpers and Action Filters
    Routing and URLS
    Using MVC and AJAX and jQuery
    MVC 3 Enhancements
    The jQuery Library
    Bring a Web Page Alive with jQuery
    Using jQuery’s AJAX Features

In addition to the training, we provide material to prepare you for the interviews, assist you in building your resume & final placements. If you are interested in our training program, please call us at 734.377.6007 or email us at Include a word copy of your resume.